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What is a personal safety alarm watch?

With a personal safety alarm watch, you can send out an alarm when you want to be connected to someone who responds to your needs. While wearing the watch, you don’t have to worry about finding a phone when you are in an emergency situation. Your watch is close at hand at all times! It is simple to use, looks elegant and can be worn around water. It is designed to make sure you feel comfortable wearing your watch, wherever you go.

How can I arrange help?

With one simple press of a button, your personal safety alarm watch calls selected family members, friends or other trusted people. The built-in microphone and speaker enable everyone to communicate in a group call. During this call, your location is displayed on the smartphones of the people who have answered your call (using the free MySmartwatcher App). Together, you and your Helpers can coordinate how to provide the best possible support.

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"My mother is very happy with her new personal safety alarm watch! She feels that this watch is no longer just a “necessary evil” that one has to wear for one’s own protection. She said “with this watch I can also go out and I don’t have to justify it!” For me, this is a great success that I am happy to pass on to you!"
Adult daughter who set up the SPIRIT watch for her mother on 25.02.2022

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