Who would you like to be there for you when you need help?

We offer three subscriptions – to best fit your needs

When you start an alarm, you prefer to hear the calming voice of a trusted family member or friend. Or perhaps you want to be directly connected to a care professional, 24/7. You can also choose the best of both!

You prefer to hear the trusted voice of a family member or friend. When you start an alarm, the watch calls selected helpers – maximum 12 – all at the same time. Everyone who picks up enters the group call. During the call, your location is displayed on the smartphones of the people who have answered (using the free Smartwatcher app). Together, you and your helpers can coordinate how to provide the support you need.

EUR 18 per month
CHF 23 per month

You prefer to hear the familliar voice of someone you trust. Yet, you want to be assured that your call doesn`t remain unanswered. When your family and friends cannot answer after 60 seconds, the alarm call is forwarded to a professional care center. A care professional who knows about your personal situation will respond to your needs, 24/7.

EUR 23 per month
CHF 30 per month

*currently not available in Germany

You prefer to be directly connected with a care professional who knows about your personal situation. Day and night, at any time. According to the situation and your preferences, the care professional will contact up to four people after the call, to share all relevant information.

EUR 25 per month
CHF 35 per month

Simple products. Easy to use.

Watch model SPIRIT & SPIRIT Petite

Elegant, lightweight design

  • Water resistant IP68
  • Microphone and speaker
  • At home and outdoors
  • Geolocalisation
  • Daily charging cycle
  • eSIM with European coverage
  • 4G network connectivity
EUR 390.-
CHF 399.-


More about SPIRIT

More about SPIRIT Petite

Watch model Smartwatcher VITA

Simple to use, one button only

  • Water resistant IPX7
  • Microphone and speaker
  • At home and outdoors
  • Geolocalisation
  • Two-day charging cycle
  • SIM card with European coverage
  • 4G network connectivity
EUR 260.-
CHF 280.-



Personal safety alarm device Smartwatcher SALVE frame

Personal safety alarm with photo and video sharing

  • Safety alarm button
  • Wifi connected
  • Works with the Smartwatcher subscription of your choice
  • Receive pictures & video calls
  • Air quality & temperature sensor
  • Movement sensor
  • Dimension: 300mm * 150mm * 20mm
EUR 390.-
CHF 390.-


How do I know, if a Smartwatcher safety alarm watch is right for me or for my parents?

Experience how comfortable it is to wear and use a personal safety alarm watch! How? By making use of our free 30-day trial of the Family & Friends subscription.

1. Purchase a Smartwatcher watch
2. Register your watch in our online portal and select the Family & Friends subscription with free 30-day trial.
3. Get familliar with your alarm watch and run test-alarms with your family and friends.

At the end of 30 days, either continue your Family & Friends subscription, choose another subscription or return the watch to the place of purchase for a refund. You will receive an email notification seven (7) days before your free trial ends.


Do you have a question? Lars is there for you.

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