Smartwatcher Support

Smartwatcher Support



  • Vibrate during an active alert
  • Beep before alert
  • Language
  • Low power mode
  • Call Settings
  • Watchface
  • Low battery Reminder


  • Beep before alert
  • Language
  • Automatic answering of calls




Explanation of the setting options

Vibrate during an active alert:
Three options can be selected here:

  • Off
  • Intermittent
  • Frequent


Beep before alert
The beep before alert plays an audible tone for a few seconds before an alarm is triggered. This gives the user the opportunity to cancel the alarm, thereby avoiding false alarms.

You can optionally turn on or turn off the beep before alert.


This defines the language used for messages on the watch and for audio announcements.

You can choose between English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.


Low power mode
Low power mode increases battery life by minimizing data transfer. We recommend turning this on in case the experienced battery life isn’t enough for your needs. Note that the watch battery statistics are not displayed if you have enabled low power mode.


Call Settings
The call settings define under what circumstances an incoming call will be automatically answered on the watch. This avoids the Wearer having to press the screen to answer a call.

In the call settings, you have several options as to whether the Wearer must actively accept the call.


With the VITA watch, you can choose between a classic and a digital watchface. You can also decide whether you prefer white on a black or black on a white watchface.

You can enable day/date and the offline indicator.

Low battery Reminder

Battery threshold
The battery threshold flashes on the screen and emits a tone when the battery level reaches the defined value. This reminds the Wearer to charge the watch.


Reminder rate
The alert time interval sets how often to repeat reminders when the watch is not charging.


Voice announcement
The watch speaks the words: “Please charge your watch”.


Quiet between
You can set a period of time when the watch will not send battery reminders.

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